SimplyDuty was born out of a necessity to access simply priced import duty calculations in the wake of changes in the industry.

Designed & backed up by expert logistics experience from the team that brought you ParcelWorks SimplyDuty uses the latest technology and AI.

Working closely with our clients SimplyDuty can offer unique solutions tailored to their business and can do the same for yours.
Our solution has been designed to eliminate the complexities of customs compliance, reducing the high cost of manual classification and ensuring that importers and exporters always pay the correct amount of duty.

Our Mission

We strive to:

  • Reduce the time and cost spent by our customers on duty and tax calculations;
  • Make product classification faster and more simple;
  • Ensure we maintain our HS Code library better than others;
  • Support our customers’ so they don’t have to have expensive internal staff to do so.
  • SimplyDuty is being used by a variety of cross border business, providing thousands of calculations and classifications to customers brokers, retailers and logistics carriers.



Jason kelley CEO

Jason Kelley, CEO

Jason Kelley is the founder of multiple businesses, which previously included the trading of FTSE futures but more recently,, which provides enterprise solutions to the logistics and parcel carrier industries.

Providing cloud-based solutions such as SimplyDuty (Duty Calculations and Product Classifications) Optavio (Invoice Reconciliation) and consultancy services, ParcelWorks has broad ranging skill set to assist its customers in a variety of ways.

His articles cover a wide variety of subjects and often include, cross-border trade, import duty and tax calculations, HS Code classifications and retail & ecommerce news.

With a keen interest in data analysis Jason puts much of his contents’ focus onto the key data which is driving the change in the industry and both, current and future trends.

He has wide-ranging interests but more often than not, if you can’t find him at work, he will be on a lake wakeboarding.

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How Can You Use SimplyDuty?

The modern technology behind SimplyDuty  can be used in a multitude of ways. You can use one of our APIs or you simply classify products using one of file generators. Everying we do is designed to be as simple as possible.

What Makes SimplyDuty different?

SimplyDuty has been built to provide simple solutions to complex problems.

Using bespoke AI/Machine Learning SimplyDuty is able to categorise HS Codes into product descriptions and, inversely, generate HS code based on product descriptions. Offering simple pricing across APIs, file upload services allows our users to know exactly what their costs per ‘look up’ will be regardless of the type.

When Is SimplyDuty updated?

SimplyDuty  is constantly updated by our customs researchers and developers using the latest tariff data available.

Who Can Use SimplyDuty?

Absolutely anyone!

SimplyDuty  hosts highly effective tools for anyone looking to classify products that are being imported from another country.

SimplyDuty is used by importers and exporters, customs brokers, 3PLs, e-commerce retailers, market place sellers.