Which APIs Are Available?

Many business choose to use our services by integrating one of our APIs into their existing IT solutions. This allows a hands-free approach to obtaining duty and tax information and will allow  the processing of 1000s of queries in a matter of seconds.

Duty & Tax Rate Calculation API

This API call allows you to input all the relevant shipping details such as destination, HS code, costs of item being imported and calculate the expected  duty and tax charges.

Product Classification API

Our product classifier allows you to send a product description in an API call and receive an 10 digit HS Code in the response.

General Duty Rate & Tax Information API

If you just wish to receive the duty rates and various minimums and maximums and non-ad valorem charges then this is the API call for you.

Quick Installation Guide

Integrating our APIs have never been easier and we can offer email support on best practice when using our tools for paying customers. API documentation can be found in your account area once your have registered for a free account.